Various types pipeline Buoyancy Bags: Individual Buoyancy Units, Mono Buoyancy Units, Marine Rubber Airbags, Twin Inflatable Buoyancy Bags.

Our pipeline buoyancy bags can be used for the surface, bottom or off-bottom tow laying, and barge laying work. The use of buoyancy buoys can provide the extra buoyancy designed to ensure the enough pull force, decrease the tension.

Pipeline buoyancy units

Proven by 6 Times Drop Test

Single point vertical buoyancy bag is one kind of efficient pipeline buoyancy units. It is enclosed buoyancy with a single attachment point, which ensure it can work at any angle. 

Each single point vertical buoyancy bag is tested and proven with 5:1 safety factor. And its design is proven by burst test and 6 times drop test.

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DooFlex is unique Chinese professional manufacturer of underwater air lifting bags and buoyancy bags. DooFlex heavy duty air inflated underwater air lift bag are used word-wide for raising sunken objects, vessel salvage, marine structure stabilization, undewater equipment transport, pipeline laying work, and standby em...