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Proven by 6 Times Drop Test

Single point vertical buoyancy bag is one kind of efficient pipeline buoyancy units. It is enclosed buoyancy with a single attachment point, which ensure it can work at any angle.

Each single point vertical buoyancy bag is tested and proven with 5:1 safety factor. And its design is proven by burst test and 6 times drop test.

Various types pipeline Buoyancy Bags: Individual Buoyancy Units, Mono Buoyancy Units, Marine Rubber Airbags, Twin Inflatable Buoyancy Bags.

>> DOOWIN Load Test Water Weight Bags Type Certificated by Drop Test 

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DooFlex is unique Chinese professional manufacturer of underwater air lifting bags and buoyancy bags. DooFlex heavy duty air inflated underwater air lift bag are used word-wide for raising sunken objects, vessel salvage, marine structure stabilization, undewater equipment transport, pipeline laying work, and standby em...