Quality Inspection

We implement our basic quality philosophies to from the design to the inspection of load test water bags and underwater air lifting bags.
"Quality is morality, Quality is integrity, Quality is respect to clients"

From the raw material to the finished product, we carry out all the necessary inspection and test. All the inspection/test will be executed comply with the related industry standard IMCA D016 and LEEA 051. All our load test water proof bags and underwater air lifting bags were did the prototype test. We also can do the drop test and burst test upon client's special request.

Each DOOWIN underwater air lift bag and load test water weight bag is inspected and tested prior to delivery. For each commercial lifting bag or water weight bag, the main inspection include the air-tightness test, dimensional inspection, assembly inspection, load testing, and other detailed inspection/test. 

IMCA D016 Underwater air lift bag LEEA
IMCA D-016 is the international industrial standard for the air lifting bags and buoyancy bags. All DooFlex air bags are tested to meet this standard, to meet or exceed the requirement for the safety  factor 5:1 LEEA 051 is seen as the international industry standard of water bags. It explicit the requirements for the elements of lifting set, which is seperate from the bag, drop test way and pressure test way to verify the water bags. 

water load test dimension inspection Inflation Inspection of air lifting bags  water weight bags drop test
BV Water Load Bags Testing                  BV Inspection                 Water Load Bags Inflation Inspection         Drop Test for Buoyancy Bags

DOOWIN load test water bags are dynamic drop test type certificated with 6:1 Safety Factor.

DOOWIN water load test weight bags have the word-class quality level. Water filled proof load bags were drop-tested at the TUV National Engineering Laboratory, and gained type test accreditation at the 6:1 safety factor to meet LEEA Guidance 051. ABS, BV, LR, CCS third party certificate are available upon request too.