Qualification Honor

DOOWIN underwater air lift bags and water weight bags are designed, manufactured and tested fully compliant with the international industry standard. Meet the safety factor 5:1 or 6:1 required by IMCA (Underwater Air Lift Bags) or LEEA standard (Proof Load Bags). DOOWIN load test water bags are drop tested with 6:1 Safety Factor.

The commitment to quality is our top priority. DooFlex aim at a high and constant level of quality. The quality assurance systems of DooFlex has been approved by international organization in accordance with Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.  

We are proud of the qualification and honor created by our integrated teams, in a variety of different industries. We celebrate and share our successes.

For special request, we can offer the third party certificate, such as CCS, LR, ABS, DNV, or BV.

In order to ensure the quality of key elements of air lift bags and proof load bags, all accessories, such as heavy duty webbing straps, shackles and master links, and air fill connection and valves, are also bought from the company certificated comply with ISO 9001 confirming the related industry standard.

   SGS audited supplier   SGS material certificate
Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008                    SGS Audited Supplier                                   SGS Material Certificate

BV certificate
BV Third Party Certificate for the Water Weight Proof Load Bags

Type Certificate of Water Load Bags

Certificate of Type Test, Certificated by Drop Test with 6:1 Safety Factor.