Material & Technology

production technologyAll DooFlex underwater air lifting bags and water weight bags are constructed of high tensile coating fabric. 

All DooFlex underwater air lifting bags and water weight bags are manufactured by High Radio Frequency Welding technology, which is the popular production technology of this industry. We don't use glue on all lifting bags and load test water bags. Each seem have better tensile strength than the material. The width of each seam is about 30~75mm.  

The selection of material is critical factor of flexible products. By repeatedly test and practice, DooFlex choose the present special customized PVC/TPU coating fabric. It can be used in the world's harshest condition.

The structure of coating fabric is as below.

Water weight bags material

DooFlex coating fabric material is made of 3/3 fibre panama pattern weave. It has extra-high tear strength and tensile strength, which can be over 1000N/5cm. It is far better than the most competitors. The top coating of our material is special acrylic lacquer, which ensure the material has most chemically resistant performance.

air lifting bags material advantages

For the detailed performance parameters, please feel free to contact us.