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flexitank-inspection-1Flexitank is one kind soft, high-strength, light-weight single-use large bladders with valves. It is designed to fit inside general purpose freight standard 20 foot ISO container. Flexitanks are used for the bulk transport of non-hazardous liquids that are not classified or regulated as dangerous goods.

We introduce the most advanced technologies and material to produce the highest quality flexitank under the strictest quality standard. DooFlexi flexitanks are constructed from multiple Polyethylene (PE) layers and Polypropylene (PP) layer, with various valves. It is designed from a specific capacity ranging from 14m3 to 24m3. All the material used in the production of flexitanks are brand news, food grade, and compliant with EC and FAD regulations.



System used for the transport of liquid commodity. While a flexitank is a single entity,
it operates as part of a system which includes the flexitank, its fittings, restraining system



Our material properties meet (higher) the requirements of PAS 1008:2016
Multilayer flexitank consisting of polyethylene/polyethylene blend film with a sleeve

Inner Polyethylene Liner (PE Film)

PP film is used to pocket the inner liquid. It also can protect the transported product from all external factors that might alter the original condition of the product contained in the flexitank. So the PE film must be high puncture resistance, high stretching resistance and anti-rub properties.

Our PE film is manufactured with a unique special formula. Please refer below its typical characteristics. All our raw material is from Exxon Mobil and Dow. We test each roll PE film under the control of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

 Below is the typical characteristics of 0.125mm PE film.

   Tensile Strength at Break (MD/TD) ≥32Mpa;     Elongation at Break (MD/TD) ≥600%;    Tearing Strength (MD/TD) ≥90N ;  √  Total Impact Strength ≥2250G

Woven Polypropylene Outer Sleeve (PP)

The woven polypropylene outer sleeve is used outside to protect the PE inner bladder well. So its strength is very important. Our PP outer film sleeve is an integral molding tubular type design. No need to seam two sides. This design ensures the higher strength and more safety than the traditional two PP layers seaming design.

We use the highest grade brand new PP raw material from Sinopec. Never use the reclaimed material. It ensures our PP layers has greater performance on has a great performance on stretching resistance and anti-friction, also provide flexitank with best and reliable production

Below is the typical characteristics of our common PP layer.
   Tensile Strength ≥1800N;     Sawing part tearing strength ≥1000N;    Elongation at break ≤25 (25-15%)

Loading and Discharging Valves

SGS Certificated comply with FDA Standard  |  Maximum Pressure 0.8Mpa

DooFlexi have four type valves for your choice: Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Auto Airvent, Manual Airvent.

DooFlexi use the special High-Strength polypropylene material, which is FDA and EC certificated. This PP valves have higher strength, high and low temperature resistance,  corrosion resistance. It ensure the valves can work well under violent collision.

The valves are designed with threaded self-locking pul and securing cap. It ensure the better tightness and safety. The special design bottom fliter can prevent the vavle from bebing suffocated by the inner PE layers.

Each valves are sterilized and tested before using. The common size is 3 inch. The 2 inch and 4 inch is valves are available upon request. We also can provide adapter for your special request.

To protect the safety, the airvent can automatically to expel the inside air when the pressure reach 1~2 psi.

√  Pressure≥0.5Mpa         √  Self-locking Plug & Securing Cap         √  Auto Pressure Release Airvent

pillow tank accessories



41-layerFlexitank Standard (D4)

DooFlix Standard Model is our common flexitank type.

  • Inner Layer: 4 PE film
  • Outer Layer: 1 PP outer sleeve
  • Capacity 16,000 ~ 24,000L
  • Three loading/discharge option
  • Top pressure release valve

Flexitank Eco (D3)

31-layerDooFlix Eco Model is designed for econimical solution.

  • Inner Layer: 3 PE film
  • Outer Layer: 1 PP outer sleeve
  • Capacity 16,000 ~ 24,000L
  • Three loading/discharge option
  • Top pressure release valve


Advanced Production Technology

The whole production process is under ISO 9001:2008 control

DooFlexi commits to producing highest quality flexitank to meet the needs of different customers. We continually keep to design and upgrade the product technology and flexitank’s details following Safety First rule. Our experienced engineering team focuses on the research of new technology, new material to reach the highest level. The quality and safety risk control of flexitank is regarded as the most important principle.

The skillful workers concentrate on each step and details of flexitank production.



We strictly adhere to the requirements of PAS 1008:2016, EC, FDA, COA Code of Practice
to carry out Material Test, Leak Tightness Test of Valves, Flexitank System Rail Impact Test.


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