Elongated Pontoon

elongated pontoon
DooFlex elongated pontoon is versatile in multiple application.

Elongated pontoon is enclosed cylinder shape. DooFlex elongated pontoon are manufactured in lift capacities of 500kg to 5,000kg.

These are the bag of choice when shallow water is a critical factor and towing is a concern. Lifting points are equally spaced along the length of the pontoon body. Elongated air lift bags also can be used as salvage tube, salvage pontoon for the supporting docks and other floating structures, and they also excellent for the pipelaying and other underwater construction projects.

DooFlex elongated inflatable buoyancy bag are manufactured using high quality PVC coating fabric. Each elongated pontoon is equipped with heavy duty webbing harness, and screw pin shackles, over-pressure valves, stainless steel valves and quick disconnects. Custom size, and rigging options are available upon request.

Specification of Elongated Pontoon

elongated air lift bags specification

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