Inflatable Buoys

Inflatable buoys is designed with cylinder or conical shaped units, and often used for the racing mark, warning mark, or temporary sailing mark. floating PVC buoys

DooFlex inflatable buoys are fabricated from heavy duty polyester cloth coated with PVC, with HF welded seams. Each buoy has one or two inflation/deflection valve, and safety valves. With the requirement of customers, we can print the logo or banner on the inflatable buoys. Meanwhile, D shackles are equipped with multiple layers of fabric to ensure strength and longevity. The shackles are connected with heavy chain system as ballast to keep the buoys vertical. 

The standard size of our cylindrical type inflatable buoys is 0.8x0.6m, 1.5x1.2m, 2.7x1.3m, 3.0x3.0m. Other size is available upon request.


PVC Mooring Buoys

A serial mooring buoysDooFlex PVC mooring buoys are made of high quality PVC by rotational moulding technology. DooFlex mooring buoys is UV resistance, never fade, A series mooring buoys are designed with ball shape. One handling hole on the top. 

PVC mooring buoys can be used for the boat mooring, boat fenders, navigation buoys, ocean warning line buoys, swimming pool floating buoys, channel construction buoys. Mooring buoys can be deflated to shipped. Easy to install and use. Various colors or combination is available. The standard color is read, yellow, orange, green, blue and white. 

Specification of PVC Mooring Buoys

mooring buoysA serial mooring buoys

Note: 1. The above weight only for reference.
2. The other size and color can be supplied upon request.