Load Cell

50ton_Wireless_Load_Cell_for_water_weightLoad cell is the necessary dynamometer instrument for the load testing with water filled weight bags. Measuing capacity is available as 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 10t, 20t, 30t, 50t, 100t, and 200t.

Wireless load cell used for the weight measuring of proof load testing using water weight bags. The load cell set consist of a load link with two shackles, wireless indicator.

Our linked-type wireless load cell dynamometer is an extrmely well-built instument for industry use,  as a standard wireless tool offer universal applications,  Whether used as conventional crane weight or to measure force, it is microprocessor controlled for precision accuracy, calibration is easier with wireless indicator.

Specification of Wireless Load Cell Dynamometer

dynamometer, load cell for water weight bags

specification of linked type load cell

Technical Data of Wireless Load Cell

load cell for water weight bagstechnical data of dynamometer

The load pin included on the shackle provides a proportional electrical signal according to the applied load. The transducer is constructed with high resistance stainless steel and is insensitive to external mechanical, chemical or marine effects making them ideal for use in harsh environmental conditions.

The wireless load shackles is designed for hoisting in several applications like cranes winches, lifting, water weight bags load testing and other marine applications. In combination with our wireless indicator, the wireless load cell shackle is the most reliable and simplest method to control your load applicatio.

The weight measuring of our wireless load shackles is available as 2t, 5t, 10t, 30t, 50t, 100t, 200t and 300t.