Low Headroom Weight Bags

Low headroom water weight bags designed for the load testing for the lifting equipments and structures when testing operation have low headroom.

water filled weight bags

Construction of Water Filled Proof Loading Bags

DooFlex proof load testing low headroom water weight bag has the same assembly with the normal size water bags. Its body is made of 100% high-tenacity UV resistance PVC coating polyester fabric by radio frequency welding technology. 

Water filled low headroom water weight bags are equipped with all necessary filling/drain hose components and valves, master links, shackles, lifting belts, and incorporating with some innovative design. All these features with the competitive price make DooFlex crane test water weight bags as the first choice.

Features of Low Headroom Water Weight Bags

-  Low working height after filling water
-  Made of heavy duty UV resistance PVC coating fabrics

-  Heavy duty webbing harness terminates with single steel lifting ring
-  Easy to handle and operate to enhance the work efficiency
-  Equipped with all accessories, ready for use
-  6:1 safety factor verified
-  BV third Party Certificate comply with LEEA 051

All DooFlex water filled ballast and load test weight bags are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

Specification of Low Headroom Water Weight Bags

The main capacity of our low headroom water bag is from 1ton to 12.5ton. The below is the common size. We also can make other size and capacity water bags above 12.5ton upon request. 

Low headroom water weight bags
Note: For the exact size and details, please feel free contact us. 

Quality of Proof Load Testing Water Weight Bags

All DooFlex water filled proof load bags are manufactured and tested comply with LEEA 051. Each water weight bag is tested prior to shipping. We also can provide customers with the BV, LR, ABS third party certificate. Please refer Qualification Honor to know more.

certificate of water weight bags

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