Parachute Type Lifting Bags

DooFlex parachute type lifting bags is one kind popular underwater air lift bag. We can make open bottom type parachute lift bags, and enclosed type parachute lift bags as the commercial and professional lift bags.

Parachute type lifting bags are designed with water drop shaped units, which is widely used for buoyancy support or lifting sunken objects operation of underwater diving work. The open bottom design make the operation more safety. Open bottom parachute type bag is one kind of very useful refloatation device for the diving salvage, underwater salvage, and underwater buoyancy support and refloatation.

All DooFlex parachute type air lifting bags are fabricated of heavy duty polyester cloth coated with PVC. It has safe working load of 6:1. Each open bottom air lifting bag is equipped with inverter lines, manual air dump relief/dump valve, which can be controlled easily to change the buoyancy by the bottom rope. And certificated heavy duty polyester webbing with end shackles, and air inlet stainless/ brass ball valves are equipped for the lifting operation. Each parachute type lifting bag is complete and ready for use when leaving our manufacturing facility.

Features and Advantages of Parachute Type Lifting Bags:

-  Enclosed parachute bags and open bottom parachute lift bags for option
-  Made of heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric

-  All seams are RF welded
-  Fold compactly for easy shipment and storage
-  All webbing harness point to single ring for steady lifting
-  Controlled buoyancy by top dump valve controlled by the bottom rope
-  Open parachute type bags suitable for all water depths
-  Design Safety Working Factor 6:1
-  3/4'' B.S.P air inlet stainless/ brass ball valves
-  Complete with "Operation and Maintenance Manual", mill certification
-  Commercial and professional lift bag delivered ready for use
-  Custom sizes and types available
-  Manufactured and Tested in accordance with IMCA D016

 open bottom lift bagApplication of Parachute Type Lifting Bags:

-  Deep water salvage and refloatation
-  Commercial and Military equipment lifting
-  Static buoyancy support
-  Pipeline Laying Buoyancy Bags
-  Subsea rigging lifting equipment

 Specification of Open Bottom Air Lifting Bags

We have commercial lift bags (small buoyancy capacity) and professional lift bags. Both type air lift bags can be made open bottom air lifting bags and enclosed bottom air lift bags. Our standard color is yellow. Orange color is available upon request. 

specification of parachute type lifting bags
parachute type lifting bags

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

All DooFlex parachute type lifting bags are manufactured and tested comply with IMCA D016, Rev3-June 2007 Guidelines. Quality is approved by SGS & UKAS in accordance with ISO9001:2008.