Water Bladder Tanks

DOOWIN flexible collapsible bladder tanks are made of by high quality PVC/TPU coating fabric material. DOOWIN pillow tanks bladders can be used for the liquid static storage, and transportation.

Water Storage Pillow Tanks

We produce various collapsible bladder tanks for the potable water and non-potable water storage. Our water storage pillow tanks are made of high quality PVC/TPU coating fabric, using HF-welding technology. The non-potable water pillow tanks can be used to store gray water, rain water, service water, agricultural irrigation water and other kinds water.  The potable water tanks material are certificated compliant with NSF/ANSI-61, KTW, ASC standards.

Liquid and Gas Storage Pillow Tanks

Soft liquid and fuel storage tanks are foldable containers made of TPU coating fabric. Fuel collapsible bladder tanks are broadly applied to the multiple fields like petroleum, chemical engineering, industry production, fire control, construction engineering, agriculture and forestry irrigation, as well as water recycling and circulating, etc. These pillow tanks are suitable for storing the food-grade liquid goods temporarily and in long term, the industrial liquid goods, as well as the chemical products.

Food Storage Pillow Tanks

DOOWIN food collapsible bladder tanks are made of top quality food-grade material made in Germany. Our materials are suitable and certified for food contact according to EU guideline VO No.10/2011, EC list No.1935/2004 and US FDA rules and regulations. They are free of heavy metals, plasticizers and comply with REACH regulations. Store your valuable foods optimally and without any risk. DOOWIN food pillow tanks protect your health!

Fire Fighting Water Tanks

Onion water storage tanks, portable fire flighting water tanks, backpack water bladders.