Vertical Buoyancy Bags


The single point buoyancy bags is one kind enclosed pipeline buoyancy units. It only has one single lifting point. So it can work at large angle, like the parachute type air lift bags. 

vertical single point buoyancy units MONON BUOYANCY UNITSVertical buoyancy bags are made of heavy duty PVC coating fabric material comply with IMCA D-016. Each enclosed mono buoyancy unit is fitted with pressure relief valves, and filling/discharge ball valves. One internal strop is used to connect the top lifting point with the bottom lifting point. We also can make lifting belts from the top to the bottom to reinforce the lifting capacity. 

DooFlex make vertical buoyancy bags with capacity less than 5ton. For the bigger capacity, you can choose our parachute air lift bags.

Features of Vertical Buoyancy Bags

  • Made of high tensile and UV stabilized PVC coating fabric material
  • Comply with IMCA D-016, 5:1 safety factor design
  • 5cm RF welded seams
  • Auto-pressure relief valves are equipped
  • High strength internal connecting straps
  • mono buoyancy bags drop testOne single lifting point design, special designed lifting hook
  • Reinforced end part design
  • Certificated by drop test
  • Equipped with 2 x 3/4'' standard ball valves
  • High quality shackles supplied together with mono buoyancy units

Specification of Vertical Buoyancy Units

Model Capacity Diameter Hight
SBP-500 500 kg 0.8m 1.2m
SBP-1 1,000 kg 1.0m 1.5m
SBP-2 2,000 kg 1.2m 1.8m
SBP-3 3,000 kg 1.5m 2.2m
SBP-5 5,000 kg 1.7m 2.2m

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