Totally Enclosed Air Lift Bags

Totally enclosed air lift bag is one kind of cylindrical totally sealed type underwater lifting bags, known as salvage pontoon, inflatable buoyancy units, or buoyancy bags. 

Totally enclosed air lift bags can be used for buoyancy support and refloatation operation in shallow water and on the surface, support/salvage pontoons for bridges, floating platforms, dock gates,  sunken objects or military equipment. Totally enclosed air lifting bags offer an effectual method of reducing the draught of vessel and floating underwater structures. Then also provide an ideal system of buoyancy for cable or pipeline and static buoyancy support.

Totally Enclosed Type air lift bags are cylindrical shaped units, fabricated from heavy duty polyester cloth coated with P.V.C, completely equipped including the appropriate quantity of automatic air relief valves, certified heavy duty polyester webbing with shackles (with safe working factor 6:1), and air inlet stainless/brass ball valves.

Features and Advantages of Totally Enclosed Air Lift Bags:

-    Made of heavy duty PVC coated polyester fabric
-    All seams are RF welded
-    Fold compactly for easy efficient storage
-    3/4'' B.S.P air inlet stainless/brass ball valves
-    Certificate Webbing harness (with 6:1 safe working factor) terminate with end shackles
-    Many Automatic Pressure Relief Valves
-    Design Safety Working Factor 6:1
-    Complete with "Operation and Maintenance Manual" , mill certification, or third party certification upon request
-    Delivered ready for use
air lifting bags
-    Custom sizes and types available
-    Manufactured and Tested in accordance with IMCA D016, Rev3

Application of Totally Enclosed Air Lift Bags:

-    Suitable for shallow water usage
-    Suitable for long term use
-    Military equipment
-    Bridge supports
-    Pontoons
-    Marine salvage and refloatation
-    Extra buoyancy for pipe and cable float out operations

Specification of Totally Enclosed Lifting Bags

We have commercial lifting bags and professional underwater air lifting bags. The standard color is yellow. The orange color is available upon request. Refer the below pictures, we also can design and supply upon clients' request, and special projects.

specification of totally enclosed air lift bags

totally enclosed lifting bags