Proof Load Testing Specialist

DooFlex offer the rent water weight bags services and proof load testing services.

DooFlex offer the economic and qualified water filled weight bag rent services. We have many water weight bags in stock, ready for your call. To meet your request immediately any time.

DooFlex specializes in the proof load testing of lifting equipment and structures in many segments of the industry. DooFlex has highly trained and experienced specialist for your proof load testing need. We performs turn-key proof load testing services on cranes, pad-eyes, derricks, bridges, elevators, platforms, and vehicle ramps. We can provide you the reasonable load testing solution.

  • Lifting equipment, proof load testing and inspection
  • Water weight bags inspection, test and maintenance
  • Underwater air lift bags inspection, test and maintenance

Rent Service

DooFlex made and stock many size water weight bags and underwater air lift bags. Ready for sales and...

Proof Load Testing

The use of water weight bags for proof load testing is recognized as a more safe, effective testing ...

Industries Served

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