Industries Served

Buoyancy Support Application

Buoyancy support is the main business area of DooFlex's products. We made wide range and ravious type air lifting bags and buoyancy units, which can be used underwater and in shallow water surface to provide buoyancy support for global diving, marine salvage industrials, pipeline laying work. The open bottom lift bags can be used for the lifting load. The enclosed buoyancy units are used for the buoyancy supporting load.

The main application area include:
For the raising sunken objects, vessel salvage, marine structure stabilization, underwater equipments transport, pipeline laying and towing, buoyancy support, and stanby emergency buoyancy, and other application.

Marine Salvage and Floatation Air Lift Bags:
Parachute Lifting Bags   + Totally Enclosed Lift Bags   + Enclosed Pillow Type Lifting Bags   + Elongated Pontoon
+ Vertical Buoyancy Units   + Individual Pipeline Buoyancy Units   + Twin Inflatable Buoyancy Units

Proof Load Testing Application

DooFlex water filled weight bags provide the safest, most practical, and economical method of proof load weighting test. 

Marine: Offshore Rig, Ship Building and Repair Company, Shipping Company, Dock & Harbors use testing water bags for the following application: • Cranes; • Derricks; • Davits; • Winches; • Lifeboats; • Ramps & Lifts

Power stations, refineries, factories and crane companies among others use for weighting in a wide variety of application include: • overhead cranes; • beams; • gantries; • elevators; • monorails

Engineering: Specialized Water Weights products and services are used by structural engineers, construction companies, naval architects; engineers and logistics management companies for: • floor and bridge tests; • ballast and counterweight; • water and liquid storage; • load measurement; • Cargo manifesting and data logging

Proof Load Test Water Bags
+ Lifeboat test water bags   + Crane test water weight bags   + Low Headroom water weight bags   + Gangway test water bags

Liquid Storage and Transportation Application

DooFlex make many type tank (pillow type and open top water tank) for the bulk liquid storage and transportation application by PVC or TPU coating fabric. The main application area include the follows:

Food Products: Flat Beer, Animal Oils, Beer Syrup Concentrate, Jam, Egg-Liquid, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Glucose, Malt Extract, Water, Sauces, Sugar Syrup, Vegetable Oils, Wine, Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Sorbitol, Fish Sauce, Milk, Dark Soy Sauce

Industrial/Chemicals: Lube Oils, Transformer Oils, White Oils, Silicate Binder, Natural Latex, Synthetic Latex, Glue, Glycol, Base Oils, Detergents, Glycerine, Adhesive, Emulsions, Water Based Paints, Hair Shampoos/Conditioner, Mineral Oils, Lanolin, Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Paper Pulp, Optical Brightener

Offshore Buoys and Fenders

DooFlex low pressure inflatable fenders and buoys are made of PVC coating fabric and PVC by rotational moulding technology. These inflatable fenders can be used for small boats, yachts, commercial boats.

PVC mooring buoys are used for the boat mooring, boat fenders, navigation buoys, ocearn warning line buoys, swiming pool floating buoys, channel construction buoys. The racing mark buoys are made of PVC coating fabric. It can be used for the racing.

Pipe Plugs

DooFlex inflatable pipe plugs are flow stoppers for temporary close off or seal an opening. Our inflatable pipe plug/stoppers are very suitable for use in pipeline, ducts and tunnels with construction, inspection, repairs, cleaning, and repair. DooFlex inflatable pipe plugs are constructed of high tenacity, urethane coated nylon fabric. We also make it with other special coating material and synthetic-tire-cord rubber layers.