Rent Service

DooFlex made and stock many size water weight bags and underwater air lift bags. Ready for sales and rental to customers across China and worldwide.

air lift bags Inflatation InspectionRental Underwater Air Lift Bags

We have many parachute lift bags and cylindrical enclosed air lift bags in stock to meet the immediately use for emergency situation. Each underwater air lift bag has its own log manual to record its detailed rental, repair, and inspection.

All our underwater air lift bags are manufactured and tested comply with IMCA D016, Rev.3 standard.

Rental Load Test Water Weight Bags

crane test water weight bagsWe have more than 1,000ton water bags in stock, including the used and brand new water weight bags. Our most rental water bas are 35ton and 50ton load capacity. Each water weight bag has its own package. Ready for shipment and use. We also can provide the testing kits together with the water bags.

Each rental water bags are inflated and inspected after rental work every time. Ensure the next customer to use the qualified water bags.

To provide the better solution for customers, we also have many testing kiting in stock read for rental and sales too.

  • Water meters certificated
  • Wireless load cell and its shackles certificated
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Filling and discharge kits for lifeboat test water bags
  • Shackles, and lifting straps
  • Lifting beams
  • Air compressor

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